What Is a Woman? Pro-Abortion Protesters Can’t Say (VIDEO)

Pro-abortion protesters descended on the Supreme Court in the wake of a draft opinion leak suggesting that the court will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Constant chants demanding that men stay out of the abortion debate and that a woman’s right to choose is hers alone raise the simple question: “What is a woman?”

The Washington Examiner sent reporters to ask pro-abortion protesters outside the Supreme Court to define “woman,” and most had a difficult time.

“Literally none,” one protester said vehemently. “They don’t get to decide what women and people with uteruses do with their body.”

Seconds after claiming men have no part to play in the debate, the protester went silent when asked to define a woman. (Read more from “What Is a Woman? Pro-Abortion Protesters Can’t Say (VIDEO)” HERE)

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