55+ Killed in Suspected Islamic Extremist Terror Attack

Authorities reported that gunmen killed at least 55 people in northern Burkino Faso over the weekend, although other sources say that the death count could be much higher.

No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but many observers suspect that it was carried out by a regional branch of the Islamic State.

“In recent weeks, the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara have been the most aggressive group, notably in Seno and Oudalan provinces. In addition to attacks against security forces, civilians have also been targeted,” according to Rida Lyammouri, senior fellow at the Policy Center for the New South, a Moroccan-based organization focused on economics and policy. “This is a major blow to security forces and puts them on the back foot again, indicating they are far from being able to secure the area and protect civilians.” (Read more from “55+ Killed in Suspected Islamic Extremist Terror Attack” HERE)

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