Europe’s Gas Prices Are Even Higher Than America’s

Many Americans find themselves bending over backward to afford prices at the pump quickly approaching $5 per gallon. In Europe, however, fuel costs are much higher.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia — the world’s third-largest producer of energy as of 2019 — has cut off natural gas supplies to many European nations. Meanwhile, sanctions against Russia have also severed many Europeans from a major source of gasoline.

As a result, gas prices in leading European economies are significantly higher than in the United States. Citizens of Germany, for example, are purchasing gas at $7.89 per gallon as of June 6. In the United Kingdom, Spain, and France, prices at the pump are $8.32, $8.40, and $8.57, respectively. Prices are especially high in Scandinavia — $9.33 in Sweden, $10.13 in Finland, $10.32 in Denmark, and $10.82 in Norway.

British Conservative Alliance head of research Connor Tomlinson told The Daily Wire that America’s “fall from grace as a leading exporter” prompted Britain to rely upon Russia and other hostile powers. (Read more from “Europe’s Gas Prices Are Even Higher Than America’s” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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