Oscar-Winning Hollywood Producer Accused of Raping Foreign Woman for Days, Flying, and Abandoning Her at a Small Airport

Police in the southern Italian city of Brindisi say the British woman who has accused Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis of brutal rape has injuries consistent with her allegations. “I was raped for days,” the woman told investigating prosecutor Antonio Negro, according to a summary of the arrest document relayed to The Daily Beast. “We were supposed to work together, but instead he raped me from Sunday evening to Wednesday.”

The woman, who Negro’s office says holds a British passport, was left last Wednesday before dawn by the director outside the Brindisi airport in the province of Puglia, which sits at the heel of Italy’s boot, according to her testimony to police. She says she did not have an airline ticket, but that he gave her money to buy one when the airport opened, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor’s office says the woman was discovered cowering in a corner of the small airport by a flight attendant who immediately alerted authorities. “She was destroyed,” the attendant told police, according to the initial investigative document. “She spoke with difficulty.”

After an initial medical examination at the airport health clinic, she was taken to the hospital for treatment in line with Italy’s “pink protocol” for rape victims, which includes psychological counseling. The prosecutor’s office says she “suffered repeated non-consenting sexual assaults” including one so violent she was “forced to seek medical attention.”

That horrific event is apparently what led to the end of her ordeal, when she says Haggis drove her to the airport in the early hours of Wednesday. The medical examiner’s report says that she was left incapable of having sex from the violence. (Read more from “Oscar-Winning Hollywood Producer Accused of Raping Foreign Woman for Days, Flying, and Abandoning Her at a Small Airport” HERE)

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