Transgender Veterans Still Waiting On VA’s Promise of Surgery Options

One year after Veterans Affairs officials announced they would take steps to provide gender confirmation surgeries for transgender veterans, no procedures have been completed and none are likely to be scheduled for months to come.

Department officials said they are still going through the rulemaking process, with no stated schedule for its end. VA does not currently provide any gender confirmation surgery options for veterans.

The long timeline following the high-profile announcement of the news last summer — during Pride month — has left some veterans advocates frustrated and worried that the promise may not even be fulfilled.

“The clock is ticking,” said Lindsay Church, executive director of Minority Veterans of America.

“I understand the reasons behind the delay and the desire to make sure it is implemented fully, so it can’t just be overturned by a later administration. But they haven’t even gotten to public comment yet. A half measure on this isn’t going to be enough.” (Read more from “Transgender Veterans Still Waiting On VA’s Promise of Surgery Options” HERE)

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