Dunleavy and the Globalist Threat to Alaska

Are high prices at the pump getting you down? Well, pick that chin up off the ground! This is just another sign benevolent winds are blowing, and our globalist masters are doubling-down on their tried-and-true mantra pledging allegiance to promotion of the so-called, “Greater-Good.”

Who doesn’t want greater good, right? It sounds so darn nice to say. After all, it’s what convinced millions of us to close our businesses, mask our children, take experimental shots, and let our loved ones die alone in their hospital beds.

No doubt you’re probably wondering who these “Greater-Good” folks are, if you are part of the GreaterGood, how you too can become part of the “Greater-Good”, or simply how to just economically survive so much of the “Good” the Globalists are promoting in the world.

According to a 2016 Tweet and video posted by the World Economic Forum, the organization predicted a specific, yet random time in the not-too-distant future (2030) in which, “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” The WEF is the same Globalist organization who has been calling for a “Great Global Reset” and thought COVID-19 was an excellent “opportunity” to fundamentally reshape the world under the singular oversight of its brainwashed converts.

To make the transition easier on us, the wise unelected overlords at the WEF are promoting this “Great Reset” through world-wide implementation of a complex series of systems-based initiatives all the hipsters are calling ESG. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and is a nuanced matrix of market controls, policies, business practices and investment strategies which are designed to eradicate “morally deficient” ideas like Consumer Choice, Economic Value, Property Ownership, and Freedom.

ESG is incorporated in and utilizes weaponized government regulations to coercively influence and shift market decision making from the individual consumer and investor to more enlightened, governmentally-driven interests motivated by woke Marxist concepts like Environmental Justice, Sustainability, Stakeholder Interest, Inclusiveness and Social Equity (i.e. The Greater-Good). Basically, the answer to all your questions about the Greater-Good, and our present economic, social, and political situation is ironically contained within the question. Free enterprise, the middle class, and the economy must perish. You are not meant to survive this… at least not in your current understanding of the word “survive” as applied to maintenance of the familiar status quo. Another WEF “prediction” appearing in a 2016 WEF publication is that America will lose its dominant global position. For the Great Reset to occur all systems must be destroyed, we all must lose everything, America must fall, and everyone must worship a new world-wide economic, social and cultural system remade in the image of Klaus Schwab’s dystopian transhumanist vison for the future. Klaus Schwab has made it clear he has proselytes currently placed in and leading many of the world’s greatest nations at executive, cabinet, and industry level positions, and the matter isn’t if a new world order will emerge, but rather when the final lever can be pulled, and the balance of power can transfer to those running the WEF.

Schwab’s global influence was clear in Joe Biden’s 2021 Executive order leveraging his presidential “scale and procurement power to lead by example in tackling the climate crisis,” where he lays out America’s role in touting the WEF Globalist Green-agenda, and a series of controls designed to swiftly kill the hydrocarbon energy sector and American energy independence, to destroy small business, and to effectively seize control of national industrial production through coercive environmental regulation and taxes.

Biden’s re-entry of the U.S. as a member to the World Health Organization, and resolution to amend existing agreements aimed at divesting America of its sovereignty, is another indicator of Schwab’s cancerous influence. In Biden’s 13-page document he outlines how the U.S. will cede it’s global hegemony, and the sovereignty of it’s States; giving oversight, regulation, and mandate power to the capricious and often corrupt leadership of the World Health Organization, many of whom are also members of the WEF.

If you think we are safe from the Globalist Agenda here in Alaska, think again. In order for the globalists to achieve their nefarious objectives they must control Alaska’s strategic, geographic location on the planet and our massive resource wealth that impacts world markets and access to energy.

Like the fictional Marvel Comic International Crime Syndicate, Hydra, the WEF influence and reach is pervasive and insidious, impacting nearly every nation, state, and economic system around the globe. In the case of Alaska, WEF power and influence is clearly identifiable in Governor Mike Dunleavy’s 2022 appointment of WEF billionaire member and Alaska Permanent Fund Manager, David Rubenstein’s daughter, Gabrielle Rubenstein, to the Permanent Fund Board of Trustees. WEF talking-points are also unmistakably present in the Governor’s Alaska Energy Independence Act, and House Bill 301, in which Dunleavy calls for rapid transition of the State’s primary energy grid to 80% dependence on “renewable” energy sources within the next 20 years.

Is it any wonder that a mere few months following Dunleavy’s Green-New-Deal for Alaska, it was announced that the state’s only modern clean burning coal power plant would be shut down in 2024, after years of development, an estimated $475 million dollars of investment and capitalization, and only a short period of operation?

At the least Dunleavy is carrying water for the illegitimate Biden regime, and at worst he is a closet Globalist Elite who is about to have his grand coming-out party. Either way a second Dunleavy term is a bad deal for Alaskans that will ultimately lead to higher energy costs, lower business investment, and a smaller middle class – less prosperity, liberty, and freedom. If you are tired of sacrificing your financial security, stability, and
hope for a brighter future all so a small group of woke activists and global elitists can save you from your selfish desire to own stuff, fire Mike Dunleavy!

If you want a better chance at lower energy rates, less government intrusion into your business and family, more power for the people and less for the government union bosses, then vote for someone who knows that Alaskans don’t need to be protected from themselves.

Vote for someone who understands the challenges and rewards of starting and owning a small business.

Vote for someone who believes our children don’t need to be re-educated with critical race theory and LGBTQ morally bankrupt double speak.

Vote for someone who loves our heritage and can’t be bought by Global Billionaire Oligarchs and Marxist Ideologues.

Vote for someone who will not waver when all the pressure of the Communist Left and Establishment GOP are pressing in.

My name is Christopher Kurka and I am running to be Alaska’s next Governor. Together with my running mate Paul Hueper, we are committed to making Alaska the best place on earth without the oversight of the global elites whose “benevolent” control is hastening an end to the last great place on earth.

To those RINO’s and Establishment sellouts that criticize our ticket saying we are too extreme, too dogmatic, and too uncompromising, we have just one message: we remain resolute in our defense of liberty, the citizen’s right to self-determination and material prosperity, and warn those in D.C. and their Global masters “Don’t Tread on Alaskans.”

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