Hostage-Like Video From Joe Biden Is Really Freaking Everybody Out; It’s Worse Than We Initially Knew

By Townhall. . .I covered the disturbingly viral video from President Joe Biden in which he didn’t blink for nearly 20 seconds as he made some digs at former President Donald Trump and blabbered on about how “you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-cop, you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-democracy, you can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-American.” Well, as it turns out, there was more footage, as our friends at Twitchy covered, and it contains sloppy cuts.

Kyle Martinsen, who does rapid response for RNC Research, tweeted out such footage later that night, noting he did not edit it, but the White House certainly did.

A major complaint from the video published Tuesday afternoon was that the president didn’t blink, once. His voice also sounded croaky and hoarse though.

While Biden does blink in the raw footage video, his voice remains problematic. It even sounds like he’s slurring his words. “This law does so much more, it saves lives, including yours,” he says at one point. “It’ll help you do your job, but it’s just a start,” he says at another.

The additional footage also gives deeper context to Biden referencing being “pro-cop,” despite how members of his party have supported defunding the police.

(Read more from “So, It Turns Out That Biden Video Was Worse Than We Initially Knew” HERE)


Biden Goes 40 Seconds Without Blinking, Raising Health Concerns

By Washington Free Beacon. President Joe Biden turns 80 in November. He recently tested positive for COVID-19, a virus that is disproportionately fatal among individuals over the age of 65. He has already outlived the average life expectancy for American men (75.1) by several years. For these reasons and many others, amateur health experts were alarmed after analyzing video of Biden’s recent address to black law enforcement executives on Monday.

At one point in the video, for example, Biden appeared to speak for at least 40 seconds without blinking his eyes. That’s unnatural, and raises a number of troubling questions about the president’s fitness to hold office. (Read more from “Biden Goes 40 Seconds Without Blinking, Raising Health Concerns” HERE)

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