Is the J6 Committee Trying to Get Trump Re-Elected?

Now that anonymous sources are leaking to The Washington Post that the Department of Justice is officially targeting former President Donald Trump with criminal charges, this is a good time to ask: Just how crazy are the occupants of Washington, D.C.? Do they really think they will indict, prosecute, convict, and imprison the Republican frontrunner for president in 2024 without creating a massive amount of public backlash?

For half the country, trying to take down Trump for giving a speech over a mile away from the Capitol on Jan. 6 while hardly anybody has been held accountable for the atrocious Russia collusion hoax that nearly destroyed his presidency will be nothing less than total confirmation of a two-tiered and irreparably corrupt justice system and could permanently tear the nation in two.

This may come as a shocker to Washington, but Congress’s J6 obsession is not high on Americans’ list of critical issues. Polls show the American people’s top concerns are skyrocketing inflation and economic uncertainty, not what happened on Jan. 6. To say that the American government and the American people are not speaking the same language right now is an understatement. . .

Had Attorney General Merrick Garland felt that Trump had potentially committed a crime before leaving office, he should have pursued an investigation free from the overtly political atmosphere created by Congress’s J6 committee hearings. Whatever Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee is, it has not been a courtroom pursuing justice. Though witnesses are brought before the committee to “confess,” as Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., so Stalin-esquely put it, there is no one cross-examining their testimony for truth or accuracy. (Read more from “Is the J6 Committee Trying to Get Trump Re-Elected?” HERE)

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