Most Americans Believe Joe Biden Profited From Son’s Corrupt Business Deals

A poll of Joe Biden voters after the 2020 election showed that if they had known of the evidence of the candidate’s complicity in an international business trading off access to the White House, they would not have voted for the Democratic candidate.

Now, a poll published Tuesday indicates American voters overall believe Joe Biden profited from the deals made by his son Hunter and brother Jim with the likes of Chinese Communist Party operatives and corrupt Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.

The Rasmussen Reports survey found 69% of likely U.S. voters believe it’s likely the president was aware of at least some of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, including 49% who believe it’s very likely.

Significantly, 62% believe Joe Biden personally profited from deals with companies tied to the Chinese Communist Party, including 44% who think it’s very likely.

Most, however – attesting to how the Justice Department and media treat Democrats and establishment figures in comparison to conservatives – don’t believe Hunter Biden will face criminal charges. (Read more from “Most Americans Believe Joe Biden Profited From Son’s Corrupt Business Deals” HERE)

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