WATCH: Al Gore Compares ‘Climate Deniers’ to Uvalde Cops in Bizarre Interview

Former Vice President Al Gore said Sunday that “climate deniers” were comparable to the 400 law enforcement officers on the scene of the Uvalde school shooting.

Gore made the comments on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday with host Chuck Todd, as seen in a clip shared on Twitter. “You know, the climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred,” Gore said in the interview.

“They heard the screams, they heard the gunshots, and nobody stepped forward.” Gore continued, adding, “And God bless those families who’ve suffered so much. And law enforcement officials tell us that’s not typical of what law enforcement usually does.” His comments come just two months after nineteen students and two teachers were massacred in a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. (Read more from “Al Gore Compares ‘Climate Deniers’ to Uvalde Cops in Bizarre Interview” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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