Big Tech Once Again Censors Pro-Life Group Live Action

In yet another example of Big Tech censoring conservatives and conservative causes, on Thursday, the pro-life group Live Action announced that TikTok had banned their platform from posting advertisements. The organization’s announcement had strong words for the social media outlet, referring to the move as “yet another attempt to silence pro-life speech.” This comes after Lila Rose, the president and founder, was also recently banned from the platform.

What makes censoring Live Action even more problematic is that they refer to themselves as “the only pro-life organization with a large following on the platform, and spreading facts about abortion is vital on that platform specifically.”

The announcement explained that the content is available, for those who search for it. Live Action is, however, blocked from expanding their reach to new viewers who may be persuaded by the pro-life message. as the group looks to reach as many young people as possible.

This is a particularly key demographic that the pro-life movement is trying to reach. “By censoring the most prominent digital pro-life group in America, TikTok and its Big Tech allies are trying to muzzle the pro-life message from reaching young people of reproductive age,” the announcement warned. (Read more from “Big Tech Once Again Censors Pro-Life Group Live Action” HERE)

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