California Governor Urges Hollywood Pals to Punish Conservative States

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday in an ad that Hollywood needs to “walk the walk” by pulling production out of Republican states.

Newsom released the ad Wednesday while also endorsing a proposal to provide $1.65 billion and a five-year extension of the state’s film and television production tax credit program, The New York Times reported.

“For 100 years, we’ve been the home for storytelling and storytellers,” the ad reads. “Together, we built a creative community that includes unrivaled casts, crews, craftspeople, infrastructure and technology. Robust tax credits and other incentives. The best culture. Most importantly, we share your values. So now, it’s time to choose.”

The ad then attacks Republican-led states like Georgia and Oklahoma, which Newsom alleges have “waged a cruel assault on essential rights.” Newsom claims the states have attacked “reproductive freedom.”

“Today more than ever, you have a responsibility to take stock of your values – and those of your employees – when doing business in those states,” the ad continues. “California is a freedom state: Freedom to tell your stories. Freedom to access the health services you need, including abortion care. Freedom to love who you love and to ensure that your LGBTQ friends, family and colleagues can proudly be who they are. Freedom from repressive state governments that want to tell you what to believe and threaten you with felonies if you don’t toe their line.” (Read more from “California Governor Urges Hollywood Pals to Punish Conservative States” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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