Dr. Oz Is Right: Eat Your Vegetables or Die Early

Celebrity doctor and Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz was raked over the coals this week for his campaign offering some unsolicited medical advice to his Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. In May, Fetterman suffered a stroke from which he, in his words, “almost died.”

“If John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life, then maybe he wouldn’t have had a major stroke and wouldn’t be in the position of having to lie about it constantly,” said Oz spokeswoman Rachel Tripp in a statement to Business Insider. . .

First of all, thank God Fetterman is alive. Anyone who wishes death upon their political opponents should reevaluate his own life.

But second, it’s way past time our leaders took more pride in personal health and prioritized clean eating habits, especially as the country continues to ignore the grim lessons from the coronavirus pandemic and adds weight to an already supersized population. Maybe if our politicians placed more value on personal health as a personal responsibility serving as the bedrock of public health to begin with, leaders wouldn’t have impulsively shut down gyms and livelihoods over a virus that disproportionately kills the obese.

By March 2021 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed nearly 80 percent of those hospitalized with the novel coronavirus were either overweight or obese. Yet the latest data from the CDC which leads up to March 2020 shows 42 percent of Americans are categorically obese. As many as 77 percent of U.S. adults are considered, at minimum, overweight. In other words, if you are at a metabolically healthy weight, you are the minority in America. (Read more from “Dr. Oz Is Right: Eat Your Vegetables or Die Early” HERE)

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