Liberal State Passes Bill Making It a Transgender ‘Refuge’ for Kids and Parents

The California State Assembly passed a bill on Monday that seeks to establish the state as a sanctuary for children seeking transgender medical treatment, as well as parents who wish to put their children through such procedures.

The legislation, SB-107, appears to be in part pushed through as a response to other states taking action to limit the ability of parents to subject their children to transgender medical treatment. . .

“California must stand with LGBTQ kids and their families, especially when they’re under attack across the country,” Senator Wiener said when the bill passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee. “SB 107 ensures that California is a refuge state for trans kids and their parents, so they can be safe here. Parents should never be separated from their kids or criminalized for simply allowing them to be who they are. We need to hold firm in our support for the LGBTQ community and stand with LGBTQ youth.”

The senator also pointed out at the time that the measure had moved 19 other states to bring similar “trans refuge state” measures. (Read more from “Liberal State Passes Bill Making It a Transgender ‘Refuge’ for Kids and Parents” HERE)

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