Principal Pushes Trans Book on 5-Year-Olds, All Hell Breaks Loose (VIDEO)

An elementary school principal issued an apology Friday after promoting a book about a transgender child to students as young as five years old.

Stacy DeCorsey, principal of Excelsior Elementary School in Excelsior, Minnesota, suggested kindergarten through second grade students read “Jack (Not Jackie),” a story about a young girl who realizes she prefers to act like a boy, according to a YouTube video. DeCorsey then issued an apology on Facebook for suggesting the book after it “struck a nerve in the community,” and since deleted the original video.

“One of the books I spoke about specifically, which has struck a nerve in our community, was intended to support our transgender students who are often overlooked and misunderstood in schools,” DeCorsey said in the video. “Please know this is not a required reading for students, it was simply meant to be a suggestion for families who are looking for these types of resources.”

DeCorsey said the “phenomenal read” would be available in the schools‘ media center for the 2022-2023 school year.

“Jack (Not Jackie)” is a children’s picture book about a sister accepting her sibling, Jackie, who realizes she would rather be called Jack and do “boy-like” activities like play in the mud and wear boy clothing.

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