Smith & Wesson CEO Blasts Lawmakers, Activists Who Call for Gun Control While Feeding ‘Culture of Lawlessness’

Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson ripped politicians for demonizing guns and lawful gun owners to cover for failed policies that have led to surging crime rates.

Company president and CEO Mark Smith released a 440-word statement Monday castigating “politicians and their lobbying partners in the media.” Smith accused the cabal of using his company and other gun manufacturers as scapegoats for a “crisis of violence” that has rocked the United States.

“Some have had the audacity to suggest that after they have vilified, undermined and defunded law enforcement for years, supported prosecutors who refuse to hold criminals accountable for their actions, overseen the decay of our country’s mental health infrastructure, and generally promoted a culture of lawlessness, Smith & Wesson and other firearm manufacturers are somehow responsible for the crime wave that has predictably resulted from these destructive policies,” Smith said. “But they are the ones to blame for the surge in violence and lawlessness, and they seek to avoid any responsibility for the crisis of violence they have created by attempting to shift the blame to Smith & Wesson, other firearm manufacturers and law-abiding gun owners.”

“It is no surprise that the cities suffering most from violent crime are the very same cities that have promoted irresponsible, soft-on-crime policies that often treat criminals as victims and victims as criminals,” he continued, noting that often those cities have strict gun control policies. (Read more from “Smith & Wesson CEO Blasts Lawmakers, Activists Who Call for Gun Control While Feeding ‘Culture of Lawlessness’” HERE)

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