Teacher Uncovers Mystery Fossil Older Than Dinosaurs

A teacher made a rare find Monday when she uncovered a mystery fossil that appears to be older than the first dinosaur to walk the planet.

Lisa Cormier, a teacher on Canada’s Prince Edward Island, was out for a walk in Cape Egmont when she saw something partially buried in the ground, according to a report.

“I saw something that I thought was a root,” Cormier said.

“And when I looked closer at it, I realized that there were ribs. And then I saw the spine and the skull.” . . .

Geologist and paleontologist John Calder believes that Cormier’s find is around 300 million years old, 100 million years before the dinosaurs ruled the world, according to the report. (Read more from “Teacher Uncovers Mystery Fossil Older Than Dinosaurs” HERE)

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