The Conservative Case for The Great Replacement?

Another Exposé on Controlled Opposition Within the Conservative Movement

Yesterday, the editor of the Babylon Bee, Joel Berry, posted on social media his plan for saving America, import tens of millions of people from third-world, socialist, narco-states and just “assimilate them.”

This statement is so monumentally wrong it has to be taken apart line by line.

“Unpopular take“

To begin with, this is not an unpopular take, and it is the foundational position of both political parties on the immigration question. The set-in-stone position of the GOP is in favor of mass migration, and it has been this way for our entire lives until 2015 when one billionaire said true-but-unmentionable things about mass migration from the Third World. Reagan famously amnestied illegal aliens while president and presided over the seismic shift of post-1965 demographics in California while governor. The Bushes made mass migration part of their political agenda as well. They may have paid lip service to “border control,” but mass migration was the goal. Even though Berry is partially correct that importing tens of millions of third-world, narco-state peoples is unpopular with the median GOP voter, it is incredibly popular for the people who actually matter, the donors.

“mass immigration could save this country”

What is a country but its people? What is it about this country that makes it need saving, exactly? I think Joel would probably agree that it is “leftism dominating all of life, destroying the social fabric of the nation, consuming its hard-earned wealth, and destroying all that is good, true, and beautiful. How exactly is importing tens of millions of people from a place far worse than the lib dystopia we now have? If the people in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala could save America, why do Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala look the way they do? Right now, America has millions of dead babies and tens of thousands of mutilated children because of the Leftist war against the truth, and Mexico has regular headless bodies hung from overpasses and public squares filled with chainsawed body parts. If they are capable of saving a country, they would remain where they are and save their own!

“These are hard-working, mostly Christian/Catholic people coming in.”

It is true that some illegals come here to work very hard. However, “people working hard” is not a sufficient reason to import them into your country. Furthermore, if the millions of people streaming across our borders were as remarkably industrious as claimed, why are their own nations not beacons of prosperity and wealth? As for the “mostly Christian/Catholic” thing, this is also not true.

To start with, and this cannot be stressed enough: Christians do not leave their country to plunder the wealth of their fellow Christians in other countries. Christians work to disciple their own nations, evangelize their own countrymen, and only leave when there is no possibility of survival. And wherever they go, they work with their own hands and do not expect to consume the wealth of others. Those who do are under no definition faithful Christians.

Secondly, the Mexican Revolution was quite literally a war on the church and its role in Mexican society. It resulted in the secularization of Mexico, removing the church from its central role in Mexican society. In other words, Mexico had at least a generation’s head start over the United States in leftism, stripping Christianity from any societal role. The Mexicans coming into the United States today are as nominally Catholic as you would expect under such conditions. What is worse, Hispanic Catholicism is thoroughly intertwined with communist liberation theology on the one hand and syncretism with tribal religion on the other. This is not the Catholicism your typical devout American Roman Catholic. They do not share the same values as the typical American Roman Catholic, and it is a total flight from reality to suggest they do.

“The Democrats want to immediately hook them on welfare and turn them into a permanent underclass voting bloc.”

Yes, that is entirely the point. That is why the overwhelming majority of them are coming here. Everyone knows this—except clueless conservatives. That is the arrangement: you support the political part of limitless infanticide, child genital mutilation, racial grievance politics, and the dismantling of Western Civilization, and in exchange, you get a mountain of free stuff. That is the reason they leave their homeland, to begin with. The thought that “I could become an American” plays exactly zero role in the calculus. They share the exact same belief about America as the ruling elite: America is not a people and place; it is an economic zone I can loot.

“We could prevent that by assimilating them”

This is easily the most ludicrous phrase in an entire paragraph of absurdities. Buddy, if you are an average evangelical, statistically, you cannot even assimilate the children under your own roof! How on earth do you plan to “assimilate” tens of millions of people who have illegally entered our country in order to get stolen loot? How did the assimilation efforts fare in California after the Immigration Act of 1965? How did the assimilation efforts of the first wave of mass migration through Ellis Island turn out? Oh, they helped set up massive urban political machines, which helped usher in the New Deal, which tore up the U.S. Constitution and radically, irreparably altered our nation? I’m sure nothing like that will happen again. We can just sprinkle magical assimilation dust on them as they cross the border, and America will be saved.

What Berry’s ideas about mass migration reveal is the desperation of the normie conservative to find a way forward without engaging in a serious confrontation. When the Mongols had an enemy nearly surrounded, they would leave a narrow channel for their opponent to retreat through. The disciplined Mongols knew that if they completely surrounded their enemy, he would believe he had no option but to fight to the death. So instead, they left this passageway open, and as soon as their enemy fled, the Mongols would pounce and kill every last man.

Just like the enemies of the Mongols, mainstream conservatives, like Berry, are desperate for any possible way to wage cultural war without libs calling them “racist.” They flee to obvious deathtraps like “here’s how we can use The Great Replacement to save America.” And the golden globalist horde swarms and consumes them alive.

Mass Migration and Christian Nationalism

After observing Berry’s folly, the popular poaster, Zero H.P. Lovecraft made the following observation:

In one sense, it is hard not to sympathize with the point he is making. As it is currently comprised in America, Evangelicalism has as one of its core tenets, “Jesus was a refugee.” Many evangelicals, led by clergy who are either confused or cowardly or both, believe living in America is a human right for all 8 billion inhabitants of the planet. They are entirely on board with the project of globalist liberal democracy and its distinct moral code, namely “‘racism’ is the only sin,” and what exactly is “racism?” Whiteness.

It isn’t just radical leftist professors spouting ideas like this. There are prominent, ostensibly conservative evangelical leaders who promote such things. Follow Gab user @wokepreacherclips, and you will see how much “conservative” evangelicals ape the far left. Furthermore, just by observing his hare-brained views on immigration, you can see how much conservative evangelicals like Joel Berry are marinated in this—this is the only moral formation they have been given, and they cannot help it. Many have simply never seen an expression of the Christian faith that does not totally conform to the globalist regime.

But historic Christianity was not this way.

Historic Christianity, of the kind that founded and built America and carried forward Western Civilization, understood that nations were not imaginary lines drawn on a map, but distinct peoples and places, with their own character, heritage, and their own culture.

But the compromised globalist leaders within evangelicalism have rejected Christian Nationalism. If the Anglo-American Protestantism that created America is to be re-awakened in this country, it will not be because men like Russell Moore or Tim Keller will have led the way. It will be because the evangelical laity will flock to historic Christian beliefs and practices that directly oppose globalism, despite evangelical leadership.

That is what the critics of Christian Nationalism have to understand. Christian Nationalism is not a baptized globalism. The critics of Christian Nationalism on the left decry the term “nationalism,” and the critics on the right decry the modifier “Christian.” Both seem to think the two terms are incompatible with one another. But the original founding of America was both Christian and nationalist, and there was absolutely no difficulty for anyone to understand that America is a distinct nation, a distinct people on the earth and that their nation was a Christian one. These two ideas were not in tension.

To that end, that is what we must pray for and work toward—a re-awakening of the Christian faith of our ancestors that sought the good of our fellow citizens. We must build churches that are a place of refuge for the beleaguered evangelical Christian who is told he is a terrible sinner for wanting an America where his rulers will not intentionally replace him. We must encourage church leaders who will boldly defend their people from the lies of the globalists. There is no other way for America to actually be saved. (For more from the author of “The Conservative Case for The Great Replacement?” please click HERE)

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