The Grammys’ Embrace of LGBT Politics and Satanism Isn’t Just Gross, It’s Boring

Hollywood’s not-so-secret LGBT agenda was on full display at the Grammys last night. From the eyesore that was Harry Styles’ “clowncore” jumpsuit; to Beyonce dedicating her win to her guncle and the “queer community” (of which she is not a part); to Kim Petras narcissistically crowning himself the first transgender “woman” to win in the Best Pop Duo/Group category, the only way viewers could escape the gay was if they turned off their TVs.

For those who powered through the ceremony, they would have also been subjected to the unsightly and openly satanic performance of “Unholy” by Petras and Sam Smith, who calls himself “nonbinary.” While Petras danced around in a cage surrounded by she-devils (or they-devils?), a latex and high heel-clad Smith led a group of witchy women in a dance clearly intended to mimic devil worship. That Madonna — a woman who looks less human and more diabolic than ever thanks to some gnarly plastic surgery — introduced the performance is fitting.

In her introduction, Madonna smugly alluded to the “controversy” that would soon occur on stage. Though the performance was certainly as depraved, tasteless, and oversexed as the lyrics to the sinful “Unholy” might call for, my main complaint is not that Smith, a gay man, and Petras, a man who purports to be a woman, were flaunting Satanism and anti-family values on live television.

My main complaint is just how boring, unoriginal, and self-congratulatory the performance was.

These days, full-fledged embrace of Satanism and sado-masochism is nothing new or out of the ordinary for Hollywood. Anything that was going to come after Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” music video, featuring a lap dance with the devil, and accompanying Satan shoes would be hard to top. Even so, Hollywood’s pop and hip-hop darlings continue to seize on satanic imagery for their lyrics, performances, and promotional materials as often as they adopt new gender identities or advocate to normalize transgenderism. (Read more from “The Grammys’ Embrace of LGBT Politics and Satanism Isn’t Just Gross, It’s Boring” HERE)

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