China War Preparations Go Into Overdrive

It is surely time to get real. A conflict is now brewing in Asia as a revanchist China – led by its Communist Party (CCP) – seems fully committed to unite with the island democracy of Taiwan, separated from the mainland by just over 100 miles of water. The CCP cannot realistically back down, having marched its people all the way to the top of the hill, the loss of face of marching them all the way back down would be excruciating.

For those who think the Russo-Ukraine war will have put the CCP off, consider not only that the West has thrown the kitchen sink at that conflict – able to hold Russia back but also now having run down many of its own inventories – but Chinese state media has never stopped telling the Chinese people that Russia is both justified and victorious, adding yet more pressure on Beijing to make a move on Taiwan.

Yes, the CCP wants to eliminate the embarrassment of a Han Chinese democracy on its doorstep. Yes, it wants to ‘make China whole again’.

Yes, it wants to get hold of Taiwan’s all-important semiconductor industry, especially after the US semiconductor export ban on China (although how much countries would cooperate with a CCP-controlled Taiwan electronics sector is up for debate).

But the biggest driver is to dominate the deep waters of the Pacific. Put simply, China cannot possibly have peer competitor status with the US – something the CCP desperately wants and needs – without dominating its own maritime backyard, and the sea lanes upon which US allies like Japan depend. (Read more from “China War Preparations Go Into Overdrive” HERE)

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