WATCH: Dog Invites Moose Inside Alaskan Woman’s Home, Police Use Taser; Another Moose Invades Alaska Hospital

A moose in Soldotna, Alaska, followed a woman’s dog back into her house where a police officer tried to use a taser to scare it off.

Barbara Nickels always cracks the door open when she lets out her dog, Jesse, Alaska’s News Source reported Wednesday. However, when Jesse returned this time, he brought home a wild Alaskan moose. Described as “huge” and without a “care in the world,” the moose apparently made a beeline for Barbara’s salad bar plants.

Barbara told Alaska’s News Source that she “stared at it for three or four seconds before it really dawned” on her that there was a moose inside her home. Her husband “thought he was dreaming” when he saw the animal.

When police arrived on the scene, the moose was still munching on the plants. Not even the sound of a taser could fend him off, and it was not until one policeman raised his voice that the moose was startled into leaving, according to the report. (Read more from “Dog Invites Moose Inside Alaskan Woman’s Home, Police Try to Use Taser to Scare Wild Animal Away” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr


Moose Invades Providence Hospital

By Associated Press. A young moose trudging through the snow looking for a meal spotted green plants in the lobby of a medical building in the Providence Alaska Health Park and decided to drop in for a dose of greenery.

The ingenious — or lucky — moose triggered the sensors on the automatic doors to the building that houses the hospital’s cancer center and other medical offices, said Randy Hughes, the hospital’s director of security.

“We received a call from one of our tenants advising that a moose had just walked into the building,” Hughes said.

Hughes believes it’s the same moose that has been hanging around campus. And even though moose are commonplace in Alaska, they made an announcement over the intercom of the moose’s presence out of safety concerns. (Read more from this story HERE)

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