Target Faces Backlash Over ‘Pride’ Collection Designer Behind ‘Satan Respects Pronouns’ Shirts

Target is facing backlash over a designer featured in the company’s “Pride” collection who appears to have created products with Satanic imagery.

Scarlett Johnson, an activist from Wisconsin, went viral on Twitter this weekend with a thread explaining why she is “done” with the retailer. In particular, Johnson took issue with Target listing three items on its online store from Abprallen, a London-based designer of products that sometimes mix imagery and messages about gender with the macabre.

None of the three colorful apparel items for sale under the Abprallen label on Target’s website have Satanic imagery. The catalogue includes a “We Belong Everywhere” mini messenger bag for $18, another is a “Too Queer for Here” tote bag for $18, and a third is a “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People” sweatshirt for $25. All are listed under “Pride Adult Clothing.”

But Johnson highlighted other products for sale that are shown on the Abprallen website and associated Instagram account with about 25,000 followers. Among them is a skeleton draped in rainbow colors, a “Trans Witches For Abortion” badge, and a “Satan respects pronouns” T-shirt.

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