America’s Time of Choosing: God or Evil

President Biden is evil. Putting the pride flag on the White House at all — never mind the fact of breaking flag code by displaying it as the focal point, at the center of two U.S. banners — is not just a show of disrespect to the unbelievably honorable men and women who died for this nation so that we may live free. But it’s an announcement to the world — to God — that America has gone its own way; that America has abandoned its moral compass and biblical roots; that America has finally broken free of the exceptionalism that has made the country a beacon of liberty and greatness to all around the globe — that is to say, of individual liberties that come from God.

Placing the pride flag at the center of the White House display is an evil that says children are to be exploited; sexual promiscuity and animalistic behaviors are to be revered; and all normal concepts of morality and virtue have been utterly shattered. Might as well hang a sign on the White House that says, “Abandon God, all ye who enter here.”

That’s what this flag-hanging represents: pure evil. . .

It’s time for every man and woman in America to choose — God or not God; God or the evil one.

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that states had to issue licenses for same-sex couples who wanted to marry, God, no doubt, turned his back on America. He won’t be mocked, after all. And if you paid attention to the politics and culture in the years since that horrendous 2015 ruling, that’s about the season when the rapid spread of LGBTQ rot occurred; those are the years when LGBTQ claws dug deep into our children’s public schools; when drag queens came triumphantly from their dark corners into the light of public libraries; when rainbow flags flown not for God — who gave humanity the rainbow, after all, as a promise of protection from future floods — that’s when these rainbow symbols started flying everywhere, from apartment buildings to city streets to government properties. (Read more from “America’s Time of Choosing: God or Evil” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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