RFK Jr.: Obama ‘Made a Golden Handshake With the Devil’

A newly posted video of an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat candidate for the 2024 nomination for president, reveals how it was Barack Obama who actually made Big Pharma a part of his political party.

And, he said, it was when Obama “made a golden handshake with the devil.”

Kennedy explains that Obama needed the pharmaceutical industry in his corner in ordered to get his Obamacare through Congress. . .

So he signed on to the “golden handshake with the devil,” which, Kennedy said “was to say the government now will pay for the purchases of drugs and we will agree not to bargain.”

That’s what Big Pharma wanted and that’s what Big Pharma got, he charged. (Read more from “RFK Jr.: Obama ‘Made a Golden Handshake With the Devil’” HERE)

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