Veterans Cemetery Replaces American Flag With Gay Pride Flag

The Biloxi National Cemetery in Mississippi, a graveyard for war veterans, has raised a gay pride flag to fly among the American flags at the entrance to the cemetery.

The decision was made possible by Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough’s authorization for all VA facilities to raise the LGBT flag in 2022.

WLOX News, Biloxi’s local news outlet, interviewed a spokesman for the Biloxi VA about the gesture. He stated that the flag is just a “symbol of inclusion” that indicates to veterans, “If you wore the uniform, the VA is here for you.”

We really shouldn’t have to ask this question, but it seems necessary to go back to the basics: Why should an American veterans’ cemetery fly American flags?

Our veterans fought and died for the United States. Flying the American flag in cemeteries symbolizes that our country acknowledges their sacrifices. These brave soldiers defended and honored the United States until their last breath, so we raise the flag to honor them. The flag is also an extension of gratitude to veterans’ families. (Read more from “Veterans Cemetery Replaces American Flag With Gay Pride Flag” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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