The Deserved Suffering of the Regime Media Hack

Imagine, if you dare, that you are a regime media reporter. It’s a horrible thought, I will grant you, but consider this part of understanding your enemy so that down the road you can defeat him. So, put yourself in their cheap suits and bad shoes and think about your position in the universe. Right now, entirely as a result of their own choices, regime journalists are about as respected as groin fungus, and their career prospects in this ever-changing media marketplace are significantly worse.

And at some level, the smarter ones understand that. Try hard to consider what some of them probably feel inside. Not all of them. Some are mindless, Marxist robots, but there are some who have a glimmer of understanding of what they truly are. Sure, they can tell themselves the lie that they are the good guys, or girls, or non-binary individuals, but the ones who are not totally gone know the truth.

Regime media journalists are trash.

Many of them live in denial, but they understand the reality. They see the lies they are part of, and they know the truth.

You know, if you grew up, thinking about “All the President’s Men” and Watergate and bringing down Nixon and that whole largely-bogus myth, you probably thought that as a young journalist you were entering into a field where you could crusade for truth and justice. You were going to find the truth, dammit, and tell it to the people because that’s what the Fourth Estate did. You despised the spinners, flacks, and spokesholes who tried to lie to you and throw you off the story. (Read more from “The Deserved Suffering of the Regime Media Hack” HERE)

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