Criminalizing Christianity: March Toward Ideological Totalitarianism May Land Believers Behind Bars

As society navigates the percolating intensity of the culture wars, the fragility of freedom and liberty is ardently being tested. Nations predicated upon these ideals have begun to allow the erosion of what was once sacrosanct at the whim of emotive impulses and self-indulgent cultural shifts.

From arrests and legal battles to fines and potential prison time, we’re increasingly watching people face penalties for speech and the expression of personal ideals. The criminalization of truth is particularly perplexing amid a renaissance of toxic relativism, yet it’s an arduous reality.

Take, for instance, Matthew Grech from the Southern European nation of Malta. Mr. Grech, a former LGBTQ activist, is facing potential jail time. His offense? He’s accused of advertising conversion therapy, an attempt to change a person’s sexual identity or proclivities.

Mr. Grech merely appeared in a media interview detailing his journey of leaving the LGBTQ lifestyle behind and embracing Christianity. But with Malta banning conversion therapy, he quickly faced some troubling legal issues.

“Last year, I was invited to share my story on a program and answer questions about so-called conversion practices,” Mr. Grech recently told me. “And I mentioned an organization … that supports men and women who leave LGBT and an organization that promotes a biblical sexuality.” (Read more from “Criminalizing Christianity: March Toward Ideological Totalitarianism May Land Believers Behind Bars” HERE)

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