The Biggest Threat to Christianity Isn’t What You Think

Christianity is unquestionably under assault in our relativistic, befuddled and rabidly flummoxed culture, with multiple forces increasingly placing intense pressure on the traditional beliefs that were once core to the American identity.

With so much disarray and furor dominating society and chipping away at faithful ethics, one might ponder the many powers at work to discern which is the biggest threat to the faith. . .

But there’s one factor we often ignore — and our reluctance on some level to address it is understandable: Christianity is under attack from within.

Confronting this reality requires the difficult task of looking inward, examining our churches and Christian institutions, and acknowledging something truly uncomfortable. This “attack” from within the ranks of churches isn’t coming from progressive leaders or malevolent forces, though these facets certainly play a role in sowing confusion and eroding truth.

The biggest threat to Christianity right now is illiteracy, apathy and disregard of the basic facets of devotion to which faith calls us. (Read more from “The Biggest Threat to Christianity Isn’t What You Think” HERE)

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