Where Is Kamala Harris? VP Has Spent Nearly One Month Away Since 2024 Campaign Launch

Vice President Kamala Harris has had 27 work days with nothing on her public schedule since the launch of the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, a Daily Caller analysis found.

On days the vice president had something on her public schedule, her schedule frequently consisted of having one event during the entire day. The events included having lunch with President Joe Biden, receiving a brief with the president, and eating with foreign leaders, the Daily Caller found using Politico Playbook records of Harris’ schedule.

Biden and Harris announced their reelection campaign April 25. Harris was prominently featured in the campaign materials, appearing front and center on the website and launch video. Since, she has appeared alongside Biden in debt ceiling negotiations and at various ceremonies. While on her own, Harris has traveled across the country to give remarks on maternal health, climate change and the Inflation Reduction Act.

In May, Harris had nothing on her public schedule for five weekdays. Nine days out of the month, Harris only had one activity on her calendar, which ranged from morning briefings with the president, greeting the women’s LSU basketball team to hosting the president of the Philippines for brunch. (Read more from “Where Is Kamala Harris? VP Has Spent Nearly One Month Away Since 2024 Campaign Launch” HERE)

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