China Wipes Israel From Digital Map

Chinese companies Baidu and Alibaba removed the name of the state of Israel from their digital maps Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

Although Baidu’s map demarcates the internationally recognized borders of Israel, including key cities and the Palestinian territories, Israel is not listed by name, the outlet reported. Alibaba’s map identifies less recognizable countries like Luxembourg while excluding a label for Israel.

While social media users recently noticed the absence of Israel on Chinese maps, it is unknown whether this is a new development, according to the outlet. However, China has been diplomatically ambiguous in the region amid Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks against Israel. . .

China’s foreign ministry responded to a question from a Reuters reporter during a press conference Tuesday inquiring whether they played a part in removing the label of Israel from the companies’ maps.

“I believe you are aware that China and Israel have a normal diplomatic relationship,” ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said. “The relevant country is clearly marked on the standard maps issued by the Chinese competent authorities, which you may refer to,” Wenbin said. (Read more from “China Wipes Israel From Digital Map” HERE)

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