Man Raised By Hamas Tells Horrifying Story Of Their Brutal Indoctrination

A former Hamas terrorist-in-training told an Israeli news station of his brutal upbringing — including watching other children being beheaded and being forced to lie in graves to practice being a martyr — as he was indoctrinated by Hamas in Gaza during his childhood.

Yaron Abraham was born in Lod, an Israeli city near Tel Aviv, before he was transported to Gaza for Hamas jihadi training at one of the most “extreme” mosques in the region. Abraham later escaped and was taken in by an Israeli family, after which Abraham joined the Israeli military and converted to Judaism.

Abraham told his story in an interview on Channel 13 News. The interview was conducted in Hebrew. The Daily Wire obtained an English transcript of what was said.

Abraham lived in Lod until he turned 9. One of his sisters, the one he was closest with among his siblings, was murdered over “family honor,” he said.

“I started asking questions, wanting to understand what happened,” he said. His family, fearing he would “complicate things” for them if he stayed in Lod, sent Abraham to an extremist mosque in Gaza for his education. (Read more from “Man Raised By Hamas Tells Horrifying Story Of Their Brutal Indoctrination” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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