Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Unapproved Gender-Altering Surgeries: Female Patient Claims Lack of Informed Consent

In a startling legal development, a 23-year-old woman, who underwent a hysterectomy and double mastectomy at UW Hospital for gender-altering procedures, has filed a lawsuit against the hospital and two surgeons. The plaintiff, residing in Chicago, had a self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which she claims was not verified by a doctor before the surgeries were performed. The lawsuit, filed in Dane County Circuit Court, alleges that Dr. Jay Lick and Dr. Katherine Gast operated without obtaining proper informed consent.

The patient, initially identifying as a lesbian, explored a nonbinary identity to address psychological distress from childhood trauma. However, post-surgery therapy revealed that the distress was not linked to physical features but to past trauma. Consequently, she decided to detransition, ceasing testosterone therapy. The lawsuit, filed confidentially, reveals the patient’s regret as a Jewish woman, mourning her inability to naturally conceive, a significant aspect of her cultural expectations.

UW Health, the hospital in question, has not commented on the case’s specifics or the informed consent procedures for gender-altering surgeries. This legal action unfolds against the backdrop of a nationwide debate on transgender healthcare. Several states have enacted laws restricting gender-altering procedures for minors, and Wisconsin’s Legislature recently passed a bill seeking to do the same.

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