Spirited Young Men Should Stay Out of Biden’s Military

Joe Biden’s Pentagon—faced with the prospect of a three front proxy war against Russia, China, and Iran—has made recent overtures of good will to America’s spirited young white men.

In a recent ad entitled “First Jump: Be All You Can Be” the Army shows an all-white squad of paratroopers jumping from a helicopter into an open field. It is a shocking ad. Save for one black woman at the end, the ad is free of “diversity,” something nearly unheard of in today’s DEI advertising climate. One enterprising researcher did a survey of all 433 actors in the nationally aired advertisements during the 2022 Super Bowl. He discovered that 40 percent of those actors were black, despite blacks accounting for only 13 percent of the American population.

The Army’s latest television spot, for once, gives an honest portrait of America’s combat troops: all male and mostly white.

After years of woke “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” inspired ads—among which the ad “The Calling” featuring a soldier raised by two lesbian activists is the best example—the Army is back to trying to recruit spirited white men.

On the heels of this latest advertising push, the Army also sent out a letter to thousands of former soldiers who were kicked out over their refusal to get the experimental COVID vaccines. The letter announces that soldiers who received a dishonorable or other-than-honorable discharge over the vaccine can apply to have their records corrected. It also opens the door to these soldiers re-enlisting.

As liberals love to say: representation matters. The latest push to recruit white men and make peace with the conservative soldiers who were forced out over the COVID vaccine mandate is a sign that America’s liberal overlords find themselves in need of America’s despised “racists” and “conspiracy theorists.” Recruiting in the military has been down since 2020 and there are numerous cracks appearing in America’s ability to project power abroad. (Read more from “Spirited Young Men Should Stay Out of Biden’s Military” HERE)

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