Talking to Biden, Preparing for War — U.S. Panel Sees Xi Bracing China for Conflict to Come

Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing his military forces for war and directing the rest of the country to prepare for economic hardships that conflict would bring, according to the latest annual report from a congressional commission on China.

The Chinese leader, who also heads the ruling Communist Party and is scheduled to have his first face-to-face meeting in a year with President Biden on Wednesday, has called on government officials and the population to prepare for “worst-case” and “extreme” scenarios as a result of heightened tensions with the United States and its allies in the region.

The 753-page report to Congress by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission includes an alarming list of indicators that Beijing is preparing for war with the United States.

“Throughout 2023, China accelerated its political, military, economic and information pressure against Taiwan, raising further concerns of potential military action,” Commission co-Chair Carolyn Bartholomew said in releasing the report from the influential advisory body.

On the eve of the meeting with Mr. Biden, the panel said Washington had little to show for a flurry of meetings between senior leaders in recent months trying to moderate Beijing’s policies. (Read more from “Talking to Biden, Preparing for War — U.S. Panel Sees Xi Bracing China for Conflict to Come” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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