U.S. Navy Foils Terrorist Hijacking Attempt of Israeli-Owned Tanker

In a dramatic turn of events, a U.S. Navy destroyer, the USS Mason, successfully thwarted a terrorist hijacking attempt on the Liberian-flagged Central Park chemical tanker, which is owned by Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer’s Zodiac Group. The incident occurred in the Gulf of Aden, where five armed gunmen attempted to seize control of the vessel.

Upon responding to a distress call from the tanker’s crew, the USS Mason intercepted the attempted hijacking, pursuing the ship towards Yemen. According to Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin, warning shots were fired by the U.S. Navy personnel during the pursuit, leading to the apprehension of the five armed hijackers. The terrorists had reportedly boarded the tanker from a skiff, attempting to break into the ship’s Citadel (safe room) where the crew had secured themselves.

This marks the second hijacking attempt on the same vessel in recent days, with Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists previously making a similar effort. In this latest incident, a Japanese destroyer provided assistance to the USS Mason during the interdiction, while two Chinese Navy warships in the vicinity did not offer support.

Despite the hijackers’ attempt to gain access to the safe room, the crew remained secure, prompting the terrorists to exit the vessel and attempt an escape back to Yemen. The U.S. Navy personnel, along with the support of a U.S. helicopter gunship, successfully apprehended the hijackers, who are currently under questioning by the U.S. military under counter-piracy authorities. The incident highlights the ongoing security challenges faced by maritime vessels in the strategically vital waters of the Gulf of Aden.

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