WATCH: Biological Woman Wins 2023 Miss Universe Pageant (VIDEO)

A biological woman, “Miss Nicaragua” Sheynnis Palacios, won the crown at the Miss Universe pageant Saturday in El Salvador.

Palacios, 23, is the first Nicaraguan to win the crown, the Associated Press (AP) reported Sunday.

Video footage shows the tense moments as the crowd waited for the crowning. “Okay, the new Miss Universe is…” the announcer said as the two contestants waited and held hands on the stage.

“Nicaragua!” the announcer shouted as Palacios reacted in shock. Moments later, the glittering crown was placed on her head:

It is important to note the company that owns the Miss Universe pageant recently filed for bankruptcy, Breitbart News reported November 10.

“The company is led by transgender rights advocate Anne Jakrajutatip, who took over the pageant’s brand in 2022,” the article said, also highlighting the fact that the pageant in El Salvador was slated to feature, for the first time, two transgender women contestants.

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