Cult Leader Charged With Terrorism After Hundreds of Followers Starved Themselves to Death

Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, leader of the Good News International Church, and 94 of his associates were charged in Kenyan court on Thursday with terrorism-related crimes over the starvation deaths of 429 of his followers.

Mackenzie was accused of ordering his followers to starve themselves so they could enter Heaven before the destruction of the world. Mackenzie was arrested in April 2023 after the police were tipped off to the starvation cult by a human rights group called Haki Africa.

Many members of the Good News International Church were so determined to carry out Mackenzie’s order of suicide by starvation that they went into hiding in the Shakahola Forest of eastern Kenya, hiding from the police and military search teams. Some of the cultists taken into custody had to be physically forced to eat.

Mackenzie was arrested twice before the starvation horror was discovered, including for an incident in March 2023 in which two children’s parents murdered them through suffocation and starvation on Mackenzie’s orders.

Mackenzie told the authorities he was no longer the leader of a church and merely owned some farmland in Shakahola, but his half-starved followers kept turning up, along with dozens of corpses packed into shallow graves. (Read more from “Cult Leader Charged With Terrorism After Hundreds of Followers Starved Themselves to Death” HERE)

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