Pope Francis Expresses Concern Over Europe’s Demographic Winter, Urges Italians: ‘Having Children Is a Duty to Survive’

Pope Francis once again voiced his concern for Europe’s demographic winter on Saturday, urging Italians to have more children.

“I am worried about the low birth rate,” the pontiff told an Italian association of local politicians. “There is a culture of depopulation that comes from the fact that few children are born.”

“It is true, anyone can have a dog, it is true: but we need children,” he continued. “In Italy, Spain … there is a need for children.”

“Think that one of these Mediterranean countries has an average age of 46 years! I don’t know what it is in Italy, but it is close to that level,” the pope stated.

According to Italy’s National Institute of Statistics, the national birthrate is down to 1.25 children per woman, well below the replacement rate. The mean age of the population is 46.6 years, as the pope stated. (Read more from “Pope Francis Expresses Concern Over Europe’s Demographic Winter, Urges Italians: ‘Having Children Is a Duty to Survive'” HERE)

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