Weapons Problem Increases Likelihood Taiwan Could Soon Be Invaded by China

A number of factors seemingly converging at the same time are increasing the likelihood that Taiwan could soon be invaded.

For starters, Taiwan elected Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as their next president last week, who has vowed to keep the island nation independent from communist China. This comes despite China’s warnings that Taiwan will be reunited with it either through elections or through the Chinese military invading the country. . .

Those fears are like to surge even further given a new report from The Wall Street Journal this week that warns that billions of dollars worth of American weapons that Taiwan needs to defend itself from Chinese invasion have not been delivered and could still be years away from arriving.

“Most contracts for defense equipment signed under both the Trump and Biden administrations have been stalled by bureaucratic delays and capacity limits at defense manufacturers, creating a $19 billion backlog of uncompleted orders” the report said. (Read more from “Weapons Problem Increases Likelihood Taiwan Could Soon Be Invaded by China” HERE)

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