All Hell Breaks Loose When Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears Refers to a Transgender State Senator as “Sir”

We’re navigating through some truly bizarre and dangerous times. It’s an era where truth is the enemy, and there’s an overwhelming pressure to conform to left-wing narratives that are totally disconnected from reality, especially when it comes to the transgender movement. It’s now expected that average, everyday Americans will indulge the whims of mentally ill folks, and play along with their “dress-up games” by pretending that lipgloss, high heels, and mascara can magically transform a full-grown male adult into a legitimate woman. And if you refuse to play along with this diseased agenda, you’re the “bad guy,” and the crazy mob will demand your head on a spike. What we’re dealing with right now is the purest case of indulging mental illness that you’ll ever come across. Americans are being dragged into a dark and seedy fetish world, used as pawns to validate the left’s sickness and normalize perverted behavior and freakish lifestyles.

But the moment you don’t go along with this madness, things get heated. Just ask Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, who found this out the hard way during a state session. She correctly referred to a cross-dressing senator as “sir,” instead of “ma’am,” and the wheels quickly fell off the wagon. . .

Here’s what folks online are saying about this incident:

“About damn time someone quit playing this mentally ill game of theirs!!!”

“Lol. She storms off like linebacker! So feminine. ”

“He can dress and act like whoever he wants. We don’t have to agree to play his game.”

“Reality is reality. Men are men, women are women, we’re done parsing words and engaging in relativistic nonsense exercises. Thank you for holding the line, Lt Gov. Sears.”

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