US Meat Ranchers Warn Major Companies Are ‘Investing’ In Bugs, Calls Low Beef Production ‘Crisis’

Two cattle ranchers called low beef production a “crisis” for Americans and warned on Fox News that major meat-packing companies are now beginning to invest in bugs.

National Black Farmers Association Founder John Boyd Jr. and cattle rancher Shad Sullivan appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the decline within the cattle industry in the United States. Fox host Laura Ingraham began by questioning Boyd Jr. on how “bad” the issue could get for the average American who consumes beef. Boyd said that not only are herds significantly “depleting” for cattle ranchers, but called out the funding the U.S. has given to Ukraine and not its farmers.

“Well, you know, farmers are going out of business every day,” Boyd said. “What happening is America’s beef cattle producers are depleting their herds, so they’re not having more calves so they can multiply. We are producing 1 billion pounds less of American beef than we were last year this time. So, this is a crisis that is going to affect every American at the local grocery stores.”

“But here’s what’s problematic for me,” Boyd continued. “We have all of these other foreign countries – $100 billion to Ukraine and help Ukraine farmers, but we won’t help America’s farmers right here at home. We have Americans facing farm foreclosure and USDA will not stop farm foreclosures in this country for direct loans, guaranteed loans, and other agricultural lenders….We’re down to 40,000 Black farmers in this country and guess what? We are facing extinction. These policies aren’t helping cattlemen, like myself, stay on the farm. We have the highest input costs that you are seeing in decades. Diesel fuel prices going through. And this is why farmers can’t stay on the farm. We need good policies that can help us stay on the farm.” (Read more from “US Meat Ranchers Warn Major Companies Are ‘Investing’ In Bugs, Calls Low Beef Production ‘Crisis'” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr