A24’s ‘Civil War’ Film Provokes Raft of Conspiracy Theories and Fear (VIDEO)

Indie studio A24 is preparing an April release of its provocative film Civil War and the movie is already provoking fierce debate from all sides of the political spectrum even as details on its plot are still sparse.

The film’s trailer was released in Jan. and shows an America in chaos. Director Alex Garland imagines a situation where Texas and California team up to militarily face down the United States government — a concept that seems decidedly absurd in real life since Texas and California are diametrically opposed politically — meanwhile, another military force called the “Florida Alliance” pursues its own goals. And all the while, the U.S. president — who is in his “third term” — arrests journalists, locks down Washington D.C., and launches massive military strikes against American citizens.

It is a dystopian film that shows the American experiment coming to a bloody and violent end. . .

“The idea of another American civil war happening today actually keeps me up at night,” one left-wing person wrote online, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “This is a movie that I want to keep far away from. Even if it’s based on a political scenario so far removed from our own. I just do not want to entertain the notion of something so horrible.”

“A movie about a second American Civil War in an election year in which the second American Civil War is a serious concern among law-enforcement and rational people alike?” said another. (Read more from “A24’s ‘Civil War’ Film Provokes Raft of Conspiracy Theories and Fear (VIDEO)” HERE)