Bill Maher Exposes How Dumb the Medical Elite Was About COVID

Bill Maher has made some MSNBC-like tirades in recent weeks. After a winning streak of commentaries bashing his side for coddling pro-Hamas lunatics within the Democratic Party, mocking Biden’s age, and overall voicing his displeasure about how political correctness remains a guiding principle among liberals, Maher must’ve got a note to tone down the left-wing bashing, so he offered a few ‘New Rules’ about how the Biden economy is fine. It’s not, but it didn’t take long for the comedian to turn his fire toward the media and the medical elites who held us hostage over a virus that has now been relegated to flu status regarding treatment. It’s not official CDC policy, and quarantine is no longer on the table for future COVID infections. This development comes after the media treated this little virus as a horrid mixture of Ebola, measles, bird flu, and the Black Death.

Maher expertly drags the media and the medical establishment without mercy for being outright insane. We closed schools, which has irreparably damaged our children’s education. There is no way our reading and math scores will recover—ever. Given how bureaucratic the system is, along with the political biases of the teachers’ unions and their members, it’s a hopeless situation; forcing kids to digest left-wing propaganda and gay porn in libraries isn’t going to increase test scores.

[Warning: video contains explicit language.]

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