Mike Johnson Proves Republicans Aren’t Serious About Stopping Democrats’ Border Invasion

“The catastrophe at the [U.S. southern] border is affecting everyone, and it is top of mind for all the American people. … The first priority of the country is our border and making sure it’s secure. … It’s a catastrophe and it must stop.”

Those are the words of House Speaker Mike Johnson days before he and more than 130 House Republicans threw their voters under the bus by helping Democrats pass a massive government spending bill that included zero provisions addressing the Biden-facilitated invasion at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The $460 billion spending package advanced (339-85) by the GOP-controlled House on Wednesday partially funds Democrats’ authoritarian regime for the remainder of Joe Biden’s first term. Clocking in at 1,050 pages, the measure is reportedly stuffed with cronyist earmarks and received more support from Democrats than Republicans.

While $460 billion may not sound like much compared to the multi-trillion-dollar bills Congress normally passes, the deceptively named “minibus” is only one part of the spending binge America’s representatives intend to go on this month. According to Fox News, the six-bill package the House approved only pertains to “departments and agencies whose funding expires on Friday — Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the Justice and Commerce Departments; Energy and Water Development; the Department of Interior; and Transportation and Housing.”

“Funding tied to Congress’ six remaining bills, which include the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon, expires on March 22,” according to the outlet. (Read more from “Mike Johnson Proves Republicans Aren’t Serious About Stopping Democrats’ Border Invasion” HERE)