Woman Pleads Guilty to Poisoning Military Husband’s Coffee With Bleach, Caught on Hidden Camera (VIDEO)

Melody Felicano Johnson, aged 40, pleaded guilty on Monday to charges related to attempting to poison her estranged husband, a U.S. airman, by contaminating his coffee with bleach. The incident, which unfolded amidst ongoing divorce proceedings, came to light after the husband detected an unusual taste in his coffee.

According to reports from Law & Crime, the husband, upon noticing the peculiar taste, employed pool chemical testing strips on his coffee, revealing a high level of chlorine. Subsequently, he installed a hidden camera, which captured Johnson pouring bleach into the coffee maker.

The discovery occurred in the backdrop of the couple’s marital discord, stemming from when the airman was stationed in Germany in March 2023. The incriminating footage obtained from the hidden camera showed Johnson engaging in the act of poisoning on various occasions. Notably, one video dated July 16, 2023, distinctly captured her pouring bleach from a larger bottle into a smaller one before proceeding to the coffee maker. Another clip from July 5 depicted her engaging in the same activity while in a more vulnerable state, draped in just a towel.

Documentation revealed that Johnson’s husband refrained from reporting the incident while in Germany, opting instead to feign consumption of the tainted coffee to avoid confrontation.

With her guilty plea entered, Johnson now awaits sentencing scheduled for May 10.