New Autopsy Study: COVID Vax Likely Killed Millions

As COVID-19 vaccines rolled out globally, concerns over their safety have been front and center. While initial trials – funded and conducted by vaccine manufacturers themselves – provided reassurance, reports of serious adverse events have sparked intense debate. A new study released two days ago delves into autopsy findings to explore whether these vaccines might have fatal consequences.

In a meticulous review of published autopsy reports, researchers unearthed troubling data. They analyzed hundreds of cases where individuals died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Shockingly, in 73.9% of these cases, the vaccine was either directly responsible for death or significantly contributed to it.

The most affected organ systems were the heart, blood, lungs, brain, and gut. Cardiovascular issues like heart inflammation (myocarditis), heart attacks, and clot-related complications were prevalent. Neurological problems and severe respiratory conditions also emerged, painting a complex picture of vaccine-related fatalities.

Scientists suspect the spike protein, a key component of COVID-19 vaccines, might trigger these adverse reactions. Its ability to induce inflammation throughout the body could explain why multiple organ systems are affected post-vaccination.

Most deaths occurred within a week of vaccination, raising alarms about the vaccine’s immediate impact on vulnerable individuals. This rapid onset suggests a need for heightened vigilance during the early post-vaccination period.

While autopsy studies have limitations, such as inherent biases in case selection and reporting, independent medical reviews validated these concerning findings. The study underscores the urgent need for more thorough investigations into vaccine-related deaths to better understand risk factors and prevent future fatalities.

In conclusion, this terrifying study highlights significant concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccine safety. It calls for continued vigilance through autopsy examinations of vaccine recipients who pass away unexpectedly. Moreover, extended monitoring post-vaccination could aid in detecting and managing serious adverse events early on. But most importantly, think for yourself, never trust big pharma, and never trust the feds (especially Fauci).