Disturbed: Pregnant House Democrat Openly Contemplates Abortion at DNC Meeting

In a startling revelation, reports emerged from a confidential Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting on Tuesday where a pregnant House Democrat allegedly contemplated aborting her unborn child. The meeting, held at the DNC headquarters instead of the Capitol to minimize leaks, was intended to discuss future support for the presidency after President Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance.

Despite the stringent measures to prevent information from leaking, details of the meeting were disclosed to the media, painting a picture of frustration and sadness among the attendees. According to a report by NOTUS, an unnamed pregnant House Democrat openly discussed the possibility of abortion, citing concerns over potential complications due to her age—being over 40—and the impact of future political outcomes on her reproductive choices.

“At one point, one House Democrat — whose name NOTUS is withholding at the congresswoman’s request — announced to the caucus that she was pregnant,” reporters Riley Rogerson and Reese Gorman wrote. The congresswoman highlighted her higher risk of health complications and her current ability to make decisions about her health and her child. She expressed fear that if former President Donald Trump were to be re-elected, she might lose the ability to make these choices.

The pregnant lawmaker’s comment was described as “super powerful” by one unnamed member who spoke to NOTUS. “I think people were very moved by it. But I don’t think it changes the overall dynamic with the Black Caucus,” the source added.

The morning caucus meeting reportedly did little to convince Democrats that Biden remains the best choice for the party. However, it became evident that Biden’s leadership is still supported by many within the party. “We’re riding this horse at this point,” one House Democrat, who privately preferred a change in leadership, told NOTUS. “And so I’m shifting gears. I’m gonna make my best case that we should pick the old guy against the crazy guy.”

Photo credit: Flickr