Wild Video Shows Chaos Unfold After Dem City Pride Parade

Wild footage posted online following New York City’s Pride parade Sunday afternoon shows chaos unfolding at a park, as one woman was seen being dragged and beaten by others.

Footage taken by Oliya Scootercaster was posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) showing the chaotic moments of multiple brawls after New York’s annual Pride parade. A massive group of people could be seen at Washington Square Park with two women being punched by the fountain.

The clip opens up as one woman in all black could be seen being punched by another, as well as a second woman in pink being punched and dragged by her hair by another group of women. People in the crowd could be heard screaming as the attack unfolded, with others pulling out their phones to record the incident.

“Back up, back up!” someone could be heard yelling as the woman in pink got up from the ground.

Moments later a second clip shows someone dancing on top of one of the park’s lampposts while surrounded by viewers who recorded and appeared to encourage the activity. While it is unclear what started the fight between the women, Scootercaster later posted that arrests were allegedly being made by authorities. (Read more from “Wild Video Shows Chaos Unfold After Dem City Pride Parade” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr