Woman Complains About Man in Changing Room, Gets Suspended

A woman who works at Scotland’s National Health Service is going to court for being punished after she objected to a man using a changing room for women.

The situation is becoming more and more common as men who say they are woman invade spaces that society for millennial has deemed for women only.

The newest case is being profiled by the Christian Institute, which explained the woman, whose name is not being released, complained to NHS Fife after she “encountered a male worker in the female-only changing room late at night.”

In response, the politically correct officials in her organization suspended her for three months.

Her legal team was successful in getting that repealed, but NHS Fife has continued to pursue punishing her, and now the woman plans to take her employer to an employment tribunal. (Read more from “Woman Complains About Man in Changing Room, Gets Suspended” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr