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Obama’s Flagrant Disrespect for the Rule of Law

As a Senator and presidential candidate, Barack Obama decried the use of presidential signing statements, but as with so much other rhetoric originating from Obama concerning “hope and change,” he has decided to keep things the same.  Yesterday the Washington Times laid out candidly President Obama’s latest efforts to circumvent the Constitution and his own […]

Obama: Trojan Horse President

I was thinking about writing a novel about what might happen if a man who hates America and wants to bring it down is somehow elected president. What would he do? I sketched out a few plot elements, and you can decide whether this will fly. First, the Trojan Horse president would initiate unprecedented spending, […]

General Patton’s Christmas Prayer

General George Patton’s Third Army led the Allied break-out of Normandy in late July 1944. By the end of September, it stood poised to enter Germany after liberating much of France during the drive across Europe. However, what the Nazi Army could not do at that point, the weather did. Europe’s unusually wet fall bogged […]

Voters abandoning Republicans, Democrats in record numbers

Party affiliation may be losing its appeal. More and more voters are registering as independents while the number of Democratic and Republican voters declines, according to a new study by USA Today. The analysis found that since the 2008 elections, more than 2.5 million voters left both the major parties. Democrats lost the bulk of […]

Finland: US Patriot missiles found on ship bound for China

The Finnish authorities have impounded an Isle of Man-flagged ship bound for China with undeclared missiles and explosives, officials say. Police are questioning the crew of the MS Thor Liberty after what were described as 69 Patriot anti-missile missiles were found aboard. Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen said the missiles were marked “fireworks”. The MS Thor […]

Senator Coburn: US still wasting billions on pork

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) today released a new oversight report, “Wastebook 2011” that highlights over $6.5 billion in examples of some of the most egregious ways your taxpayer dollars were wasted. This report details 100 of the countless unnecessary, duplicative and low-priority projects spread throughout the federal government. “Video games, robot dragons, Christmas […]